Data Migration

Schemax makes it easy to build data migration and transformation processes in any IT environment. We program custom services for migrating databases to new servers, Database Management Systems (DBMS) and file formats, taking pains to ensure complete data integrity along the way. We migrate multiple data types, as well as business logic schemas, using ETL (extract-transform-load) best practices and robust version control protocols.

Steps Involved

  • Pre-migration Planning : Evaluate the data being moved for stability.
  • Project Inititation : Identify and brief key stakeholders.
  • Landscape Analysis : Establish a robust data quality rules management process and brief the business on the goals of the project, including shutting down legacy systems.
  • Solution Design : Determine what data to move, and the quality of that data before and after the move.
  • Build & Test : Code the migration logic and test the migration with a mirror of the production environment.
  • Execute & Validate : Demonstrate that the migration has complied with requirements and that the data moved is viable for business use.
  • Decommission & Monitor : Shut down and dispose of old systems.

Why Choose Us?

  • A pain-free migration experience when moving data
  • Experts with in-depth experience delivering data migration services
  • Our time-tested and proven solutions evolved through years of execution
  • Reduced overall cost of migration
  • Completion of projects on time
  • Increased data quality and reduced risk to continued business operations

Client Implementation

Client #1
The Company operates payment processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants and businesses across multiple countries and territories. The need was to migrate data from legacy database system (Mainframe) to modern database (SQL Server).

Industry:Finance (Retail)