Business need:

An application which provides complete tracking of papers count and payments for each paper done by examiners, chief examiners and scrutinizers.

Existing Problems:

   Complete manual process.(Needs more human efforts)
   Pro-farmas have to fill manually.
   No reports.
   Bank statement has to prepare manually.

Our Solutions:

    Centralized and digitalized so manual efforts are minimized.
    System Generated Pro-formas.
    Reporting System already available
     System will automatically generate the bank statement.


    With a single click everything is possible within minutes
    By monitoring and restricting control the camps expenditures.
    Cadre changes and employee rejoins
    System will automatically generate the bank statement.
    Fully automated calculations based on Board rules & regulations.
    High Level Management can track each camp and subject status from anywhere and anytime.



    Reduce cost of expenses of  follow ups, reworks and reconsolidation process
    All project information can access anywhere, anytime and centralized data.
    easy way of tracking all camps across state

Business need:

Municipality is a local government in India that administers urban areas. It work for providing necessary community services like health care, educational institution, housing, transport etc. by collecting property tax and fixed grant from the State Government.

Existing Problems

No proper IT for providing Solutions.
There is no tracking of Issues.
Everything is based on Desktop Applications and not centralized.
No proper information from the existing website.

Our Solutions

Undertook Complete IT Department of GVMC and handling the projects.
Design and developed a centralized application for online payments too.
Legal case management
Website(GVMC Portal)


Provided a user-friendly environment to all the citizens in utilizing each and every facility that is being provided by Municipal corporation.

Business need

A medium between the public and government sector. Collecting power bills and taxes of municipality from the public through collection agents and Reconciliation done to respective Departments.

Existing Problems

   In time of Demonetization, paying bills through cash.
   Paying Bank Charges through online payments.
   Awareness of Card Payments.

Our Solutions

    Pay bills and taxes at Your Door Step.
    Reduced the Cash Transactions.
    Can Pay through Debit/Credit cards.
    Avoiding the Payment of Bank Charges.


    Tracking Collection Agents Performance
    Reconciliation System.
    Service MIS Report.
    Mail services and SMS services.
    Audit Processing System.
    Reporting Distributor Collections.


    Had Nearly 3500.
    In a short span(3 months) collected  Rs.3500000 using  Application.
    Reduced the Cash Payments.
    Implemented Reconciliation Successfully.


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