ERP Overview

Unifies Dealers and Manufactures and helps them focus more on customers’ satisfaction – their key to growth

  • In a flat world, being in the business of Automobile, FMCG or a typical manufacturing segment, you are bound to deal with multiple levels of distributors/ dealers both globally and locally. Though they are often separate businesses and legal entities, with their own set of business goals, their success can mirror yours. Your dealer or distributor’s operational efficiency levels and customer satisfaction measures are no more their concern. To succeed jointly, you need to have broader, integrated, real-time data and processes.
  • On the other hand, being a dealer or a distributor is equally or more challenging. Your customer expects the right product or service on time, every time. For this, you need to optimally forecast, plan and align your inventories, resources, and processes in real-time. Whether your customer is on phone or in your showroom, if your employees lack real-time information and are inhibited by outdated processes you might have to face the risk of customer loyalty erosion. A smooth flow of information and data within various departments/ branches and also with your manufacturer is the key.
  • Ultimately whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, to survive and succeed in the modern dealership environment, you need to deploy a sophisticated erp software that can help you deliver the right products at the right place and time for a right price.

Benifits – Information Control

  • It’s about quickly accessing and understanding data so you can make informed business decision.
  • Our Reports give you the data you need in a format that makes sense
  • Our System Eliminates human errors while managing thousands of parts, accessories, and unit components.
  • System allows you to electronically communicate with suppliers. And where other systems batch data periodically, updated in real time

ENHANCE – Productivity / Performance / Time

Let’s get more out of your existing resources, With ZERO changes.

  • Customer’s data is entered just once and is instantly available throughout the entire system and always available at every workstation.
  • Boosts your efficiency with a clean, straightforward user interface built through months of customer feedback. It shows you what you need when you need it, taking you step by step through each process.
  • A completely modular system that integrates each branch within the dealership, it’s engineered to scale with your growing business. You can easily add system modules/branches and users as needed.
  • Login to portal anytime & remotely watch business transactions or just run management reports.
  • Built with a Linux open-source platform. As a result, you’ll get better stability than systems using a Windows® platform while eliminating the costly user license fees associated with other systems.

ERP Modules

ENHANCE – Productivity / Performance / Time. Let’s get more out of your existing resources, With ZERO changes.


ERP Analytics

REPORTS MODULE – Elegant / Analyse / Track. Let’s analyse your business, For better productivity. Detailed stock reports


ERP Technology

We work on various technologies for software development. Technology & Database


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This is simply unbelievable! It’s all good. I will refer everyone I know. Schemax ERP is both attractive and highly adaptable.

Mr G V P Raju
Vice President, Varun Motors