Mobile Integration Development

We empower you to design develop and deploy your mobile applications by leveraging leading cloud platforms.

Services at Schemax include mobile application development for most mobile operating systems and devices. Our experience includes both consumer apps and development and integration of business productivity apps.

Our developers make apps for multiple platforms using just one set of translatable code.

The access to the web through mobile devices is much more common that it was a decade ago. People are on the go more often nowadays and are looking for quick information then moving on. Browsing has also increased with the larger carrier networks offering the availability of 3G and 4G networks across many countries and Wi-Fi access. Most consumers use a phone or other mobile device because it is much easier and faster to quickly get on the internet, find what they are looking for, and then move on. By developing 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, our teams reach the objectives that have been set for them: timelines and budgets are respected. SchemaX Services include Mobile Integrated Development available for Smartphone, Pocket Phone, Industrial terminal…

We provide strategic consulting services to help you define a mobile app solution to meet your goals.

The process of building a mobile app starts with our company discovering more about your business by meeting with you to develop the app’s requirements and goals. Based on what we discover in this phase we work with you to plan the functionality of the app and develop the layout and overall look. Once designed and tested we submit the app to the Apple Store or Android Marketplace and if you wish, we start working on marketing the app to potential users

Our result oriented versatile application set works all for the price of developing one app.

Our goal is to make sure you get an app that impresses your customers and helps to achieve your goal. We do that by working closely with you to provide the best solution possible. We consult with you every step of the way offering suggestions on best practices and user experience. We are able to provide these extra services due to our team’s combined 50+ years of experience in application and web development. If you are interested in developing an app for a mobile device, please contact us today to get started.

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This is simply unbelievable! It’s all good. I will refer everyone I know. Schemax ERP is both attractive and highly adaptable.

Mr G V P Raju
Vice President, Varun Motors